About "us"


My name is Angélique BASILE, I am 30 years old and I live in Belgium.
Basically I studied sales and business management. After working for several years as a saleswoman, having not found a stable job in this field and feeling no longer in tune with this profession, I decided to go back to school to be a teacher.

Not to remain inactive professionally I found a job as a Community Manager in a Belgian company where I learned everything on the job. Suffice to say that I liked this world very quickly !

After finding my way as a teacher and having already worked for two years in teaching, a government reform forced me to resume studies in a commercial branch in order to be able to teach again. That’s when I made the decision to do a bachelor’s degree in Marketing & Management and to create DIGITAL NOMAD AGENCY ! 

During my school year, I discovered the world of communication and marketing, having obtained an internship with a company in the Brussels region. This internship made me aware of my abilities and shortcomings. I had a very varied clientele for which I had to adapt.


At DNAgency I also have a very varied clientele all over the world. I have a great ability to adapt and I like working remotely as much as I do with my clients.I like to have a young and offbeat vision of the world around us and of every project that I am proposed. I regularly collaborate with other graphic designers, photographers, translators, etc... so DNAgency is a bit to them too, since they contribute to YOUR (future) project!

Keyboard and Mouse

A little more about me...


As you already know, I love the world of sales, marketing and communication. I love teaching.
But I also like... animals, music, travel, gastronomy, sport, paint, going out with my loved ones, hiking in the nature, cinema, do nothing in front of a series, read a book, ...